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HBIVENTURES, LLC enables organizations to "Give Life to Ideas" through leadership evaluation and development in the Emerging Technology space. We enable organizations to go from "Good to Great” though the creation of a High Performance Teaming Culture.

Our focus is in on Growth Stage Entrepreneurship Leadership development in the area of Emerging Technologies. Our Services apply to both companies that are developing  services or products who are looking for initial or additional rounds of funding, as well as investors that are looking for leadership team evaluations or development for companies that are in or under consideration for their portfolios.

Product  innovation is critical for firms ability to maintain to continue positive year over year net revenue growth.  Our product development team focuses on both in house products as well as developing products and services for external clients based on our extensive experience in the mobility and emerging technologies in the Connected Car and Internet of Things Industry.

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At HBIVENTURES we enable innovation through creative thinking, High Performance thought leadership, and High performance organization Development.  Most organizations have a very specific focus on revenues,  product development etc. HBIVENTURES, LLC focuses on building High performance leadership teams, that have the ability to excel in the fast paced industry of emerging technologies and transfer to High Performing Organizations. The High performance leadership models then can be applied to specific goals such as Revenue Growth, R&D, Product Development and sustainability, but our number one focus is to help build organizations of the best people. with the goal of enabling your product or services.  There is no challenge too big for us, and we understand that your organization may be getting results, but We challenge you if you are getting the Right Results!


  • Fortune 500 Employee Engagement Solution
  • Marketing campaign for KSU EMBA Alumni Association
  • Executive Team Coaching for Senior Leadership Teams
  • Executive Coaching for Mid, Senior and C Level Leaders

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